Saturday, August 05, 2006

A friend gave me this poem. It is a poem by Alfred Souman, a poet and an activist who apparently became a rebel fighting against a fascist state. He wrote this right after witnessing the tragic impact of the fall of friends on their families and, of course, on him as well.

To all of you who feel the tragedy of today's world... this one's for you.


A Reflection From Toto's Eyes
Alfred Souman

....the journey might be long,
with fire and passion in our hearts
we know we shall reach our destiny.

we foresee the dawn of our vision
a land filled with honey and milk
meanwhile we struggle
we fight
we hope

we take the pains and fears
we are strengthened with joys and tears
we find healing with our comrades at our side….

the dawn of freedom we foresee…the crimson sky glittered with shining stars
gives us a reason to believe….


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sounds ....


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