Sunday, March 05, 2006

Family's around right now. Everybody's here helping out with my brother's business. My help comes most with moral support as I don't have money, nor muscles really, to help. (ngee!) Anyhow, my nephew, Kidlat got to my blog so I ask him to type in what he wants to tell to the whole world. And what does he write??? Quite a simple greeting but it speaks a lot. See, I would never just say hi cause I I'm always bogged down with saying more than waht's necessary, and I would not put a million "!!!" cause I am not that hyped up, not like him, haven't been in a long while (tsk!tsk!). Come to think of it, he reminds me of the tiny yellow bird in Peanuts saying, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!," while his other tiny-yellow-bird-friend replies, "!"

Anyhow, My brother and his wife named him Kidlat, after her college professor Kidlat Tahimik (KT) in UP Baguio (I think). KT is a very well respected director producer of critical films. One of my high school batchmate is KT's son. I was at Reel Videos one time in Berkeley and saw KT's Turumba, a 1984 film, and as I watched it, I gasped at his simplicity yet his profound message comes across. After watching Turumba, you would say "What the heck!" and "Wow!" in a single sentence. I would watch all his movies but there seem to be a lack of supply here in the US of A.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, Kidlat wasn't named after Kidlat Tahimik nor his Senior (your batchmate in Pisay).
He's middle name is Lei which in Chinese is thunder but then ur brother wants a Tagalog name, and knowing ur brother's complicated(?) mind, named him Kidlat instead of Kulog because Kidlat is the eldest and Kidlat comes first before Kulog...get it? hahahaha


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