Monday, August 14, 2006

Every now and then, while sitting in the car driving, or reading during lunch, or maybe sometimes walking, I think of something that I want to write in this blog. And once I come home and start to sit in front of the screen, for some reason my mind (not the screen) goes blank. What was it that I wanted to write nga? Oh well, the image is gone, and the emotions at the time of "inspiration" has already dissipated into thin air.

Guess I'll have to wait until the right time comes again...

In case you guys want some trivial "what's up wid me?!" I've been busy ---fixing the pool for everybody to dive into, work where my supervisor wants me to step-up-to-the-plate, reading Pride and Prejudice (of all things! do not laugh... i said DO NOT LAUGH!!!! hehe!), chatting with old friends and cousins and... well, some other stuff.

My celfon has been messing up. For some reason, I can't text folks in the Phils. even though I got global. I'll work on that next. Just to keep on bugging people back home because it's more expensive to text back. Haha!

...Life is sailing, I guess. I guess it's sailing just fine.


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