Sunday, November 26, 2006

I am me
The one who used to climb the santol tree
The one who loved to jump from the kisame
The one who enjoyed the river swim
The one who joined boxing matches at three

I am me
The fiery eyes that send darts of flame when I don't get what I want
The helpless kid who still wanted to defend my brother from fights
The peso-giving son, playing a stone in the sand
Dreading the croaking of thousand frogs before bedtime

I am me
The apple that fell from a tree
The dust that was carried out to sea
The bleeding hand from the splinters of glass
The captor captured by time

I am me
Left to my vices, uselessly channeling the forces of the mind
Looking for the piece that fell in front of me
Listening to the sound of my silent uttering
Wondering what my past could be

I am me.


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