Sunday, December 03, 2006


Our fathers swam the same rivers
And drank from the same well
They swam the same beaches
And flew kites in the same air

You left
And so did I
To a singular place we lived our lives
Though we never met

Yet I moved again, once more
So did you
We crossed the same seas
Though at different times

But by reasons of fate
I happen to see your face
While you gaze into my eyes
I can only imagine your life

It is quite a restless dream, I suppose
To move from place to place
Looking at our hearts
We see our fathers' faces...

...In the depths of space and time
Lies another dream
In the shadows of the past
Bids a certain destination

Where there is no place to be but here
Where time fizzles into tiny fractions
Of moments that we breathe

Maybe this time, both you and I decide to stay.


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