Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coldplay - The Scientist [Live]

A friend introduced me to this song, said she likes the band a lot. While I haven't caught up much with recent bands (i.e. post Pearl Jam/STP hype-era, tagal na no?), I naturally got intrigued with her choice of bands. I went to the one place everyone nowadays go to for info: wikipedia, and found out that the band is quite respectable in my terms. Not bad, for a new band (hah! I'm sounding like my uncles then now, hehe). But I like the fact that they are outspoken against the war in Iraq and against using their songs for big business advertising. Ms pinkipod, you'll like this, another Bono in the making? hehe.

Meanwhile, another friend at work who I really appreciate his presence (although silently) came up to me one day and asked me, "Are you ok?" I responded with a snobbish silence (as I am
known at work, haha!). Then he added, "Hmmm... I like that, silence. You know, philosophers say that humans speak words when their being is in a state of conflict. That's why they speak because by speaking, they transcend their current conflicted state. Words come out as the synthesis, in the Kantian sense. On the other hand people who are silent may just have no conflict in their minds at all, they are at peace, so they don't need to say anything."

After that, I just had to crack up. I laughed so hard because that is so him! And the funniest part about it is that most of what he says are true, and I believe it! Yet I continued with my silence (brat! hehe). As he walked away, he looked back at me with a smile, because he knows he would see what he expected to see from my face ---a smile that reflects back to him. And I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "Hah! Got 'im again!!! hehe!" And he is right.

Anyway, to tie up my accounts of friends, I am generally in a state of happiness now, though of course, I have to struggle with words (hehe) and circumstances in my life. But it is quite a certain peace of a new level. Ms. Weiwa is right about not needing expectations and opening one's eyes to the whole view of things, or of a person. After a certain era of my life comes another one. I was happy at one point in time. Then I was down. Now I am happy again. Coming full circle, going back to the start. And with a fresh view of things, sprouts another season. Not expectations now, but rather hope of good things to come. You know, we were all kids once, right? We all have a right to hope again, but of course unburdened by expectations of the heart.


At 9:44 PM, Blogger A. B. said...

aah... that is good to know. that you're happy. everyone deserves to be, as i always say. and coming full circle, wow! i've often thought i'd only be able to say that of myself when i reach a certain age, haha!! but well, age is no determinant. so glad to read about your friend at work - and his wise words. although i'd say i think different. i sometimes keep silent when i am distilling thoughts in my mind. and those are times of real conflict. believe you me. ",)


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