Thursday, May 17, 2007

If I try to sum up my mood of the day, I would just stare into the wall for hours and not come up with anything. That's just it. Blah. Just straight up "blah!"

Maybe it's because I've been tied up with work. Maybe because there's no clear understanding on where I would like my life to go. Maybe because I let my eyes wander to whoever comes my way. Maybe because I don't want to make a choice. Maybe I got the blues. Maybe I got the reminiscing of bitter and of sweet. Maybe I just enjoy the company of friends. Maybe I just soak up the tangle in the moment.

Or maybe I just haven't ask myself how the hell are you, and see the mirror of one's own self, and try to understand what a hidden heart slowly speaks, of will and of sentiment, of passion and of sweet intentions. And act on it as one should do, and enjoy the path where your feet takes you, and your hands to craft the future that awaits its becoming one with you.

Yeah, that's just what it is, I guess.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous pia said...

i wish i could talk to you one of these days..


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