Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In light of the recent shooting in Virginia Tech, I remember what an academic/political critic once said. Our world today (or the American society, for that matter) has de-evolved into an atomized, fragmented society, where people basically just keep to themselves. That the current state of economic disparity and social apathy inflicts a certain degree of hardship, especially on working people (i.e. rich gets richer, poor get poorer, and the rich does not give a damn as to the plight of the poor). The resultant effect of this on individuals (like the Columbine shootings and illustrated by Pearl Jam's Jeremy) is the fact that there seems to be a growing anger, social in nature ---where, to put it simply, people are mad about something but they don't know what to be mad about. Hence, what you end up seeing are episodes, i.e. bursts of rage (like a shooting rampage), rooted from inherently social cancers we are currently in.

A little different point of view than what most of us are used to hearing, but I think it's a viewpoint that says more truth than most I've heard.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Pitsaleh said...

Very poignant indeed. As a socialist, Kauban, I concur inequity is a chief component to crimes of this nature, nevertheless one can't help wondering the role played by the relative ease with which a kid (mentally disturbed no less) can access firearms. Not original I know, but how much more secure our rifle-touting Yankee cousins would be if they just gave the NRA the proverbial boot in the rear.

My heart goes out to all affected.


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