Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fad. Uso. Craze. Bagong Gimik.

Okey, okey. Mukhang nagkakalabasan ng "Happiness is..." o kaya "I love to do this or that" recently ah! Sige, sali ako. Ako naman.


1) to daydream
2) to muni-muni (pareho lang ba to sa daydreaming?)
3) to chat and find common laughter with friends
4) to talk to homeless people like we're both real, as we are real, humans
5) to secretly wink at myself in the mirror (hmmm...)
6) to look at women (okey, okey, sometimes secretly; pero di pamboboso to ha? at least I refuse to divulge...)
7) to look at pictures of the past, to capture moments of the present
8) to chit-chat with seniors
9) to tell stories to kids (deng! they force your mind to work out some creative stories!!!)
10) to smoke, to drink (I'm talking about the present, period)
11) to pretend to write poems
12) to sleep
13) to do my necessary personal activities like piss (and all the rest)
14) to talk philosophy (in tagalog, pilosopo, I think), and science
15) to listen to the lyrics of Depeche Mode and the rest of the New Wave gang
16) to dance with somebody to the music of the 50s (from big band to Frank Sinatra, Roll Over Beethoven to the 80s; I don't know, somehow my dance move got stuck at the 80's, just jumping and all)
17) to talk union
18) to help in whatever way I can to help my fellow women and men in the struggle for an "abundant" life like what Jesus has "commissioned" us to do
19) to hear jokes from people who can carry good punchlines (something I can never achieve)
20) to be...
22) to stop listing things except when necessary, like what I'm just doing right now; but before I stop, let me say one other thing that can't be left out; that is---
21) to care about the people I love, to love more broadly and to love more deeply (I really just had to add this to be more dramatic, haha!).

...So who's next?


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