Monday, May 15, 2006

Disclaimer: The article below do not present any authoritative position that has been thoroughly tested. At best, it is a crudely arranged introspective analysis that may offer possible novel approaches to a psychological conclusion. It is also certainly based only on a few anecdotal observations by the author of the general sampling population.
A Psychological Inquiry

Objective: To be able to understand the mechanisms of women's cognitive behavior and the criteria they use to behaviorally select their mate; to relate the results of the study with present social problems and the study's implications on styles of therapy, as in marriage counseling sessions and divorce proceedings.

Background: The experiment originated from a friend-of-the-author's interest in attempting to elucidate the causes behind why so many women fall in love with men who we now call "bad boys". It has been shown that a certain population of women fall apart as the relationship with a bad-boy unfolds from the initial mutual attraction to either marital abuse or suicide. Furthermore, it has been portrayed in cultural stereotypes (especially in mass media) that men who are what can be loosely termed “academic” normally do not stimulate the sexuality of women and that women tend to be more “lured” at the prospect of"bad-boys". For example, in the movie True Lies, the woman-protagonist attempts to have an affair with who she thought to be a good-looking, adventurous guy, a supposed agent of a covert operation (but is really only perpetrating a false persona). The woman-protagonist, nevertheless, is incessantly looking for “the one exciting man” (i.e. a badboy) who will be able to fulfill her every womanly desires. According to her, her husband is preoccupied with other things, and that she finds her husband “boring.” She wants excitement, something that will bring about every bit of her senses alive. Little did she know that her husband actually had these kinds of attribute; however, a hidden "agent" life, which when discovered, she found that what she is looking for has been in her husband all along. Ultimately, they eventually shared this life of being “agents” and lived happily thereafter; whereas, the fake "badboy", ended up miserably by the method of "pee-ing in his pants"… (Moral Story: there is always a kernel of truth in every lie and a lie in every truth) ...

Hypothesis: It is the author's belief that there are real attributes to a "bad-boy" that clearly appeal (and justifiably so) to "every-woman". “Bad-boy” persons are stereotypically risk-takers, adventurous, and confident. They easily portray being less reluctant to do things they want and that they would adamantly find ways to get it. In terms of decision-making, they often do not seem to be affected by other people's views or opinions (even in unfortunate instances to the detriment of the woman) and this is then perceived as machismo personality…Although, in effect, what "bad-boy" men really represent in the perception of women is every person's need to connect to something "real", of persons having a set of attributes that is both socially constructive and active.

It is hence the author’s belief that what women cognitively want (consciously or unconsciously) is somebody who is not afraid to show the real self of the person. Some psychologists theorize that the actual fulfillment between two people and the actual satisfaction and happiness comes not in whether the man is "good" or "bad," but rather the ability for two humans to fully interact and infect each other constantly, sharing time, laughter, and tears, and immersing themselves into the world, together ---actual human attitudinal behaviors that serve the purpose of psychological self-fulfillment. In effect, that they both love each other immensely, that they both commit themselves to do so, and that they both risk the possibility of "every-pain".
Methodology: (in progress)
Experimental Data and Analysis: (to be determined).


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