Sunday, January 21, 2007

hmmm... what do i want to blog? a sentimental script of some sorts? or a whatever-i'm-doing-nowadays-or-how-are-people-really-doing? while i stare into the computer, i continue to wonder about what the world is, both personal and political, and just drift into segments of 'hmmm's...

until now, i have yet to contact daj, and get a conversation going with how his life is and how he is. i surf through the blogs of friends and find miss pinkipod ecstatic of her new-found friend (haha!). i am still sick from last week but that did not keep me from working aside from a day and a half of in-bed recoup. i continue to read emails from long-distance friends and smile at their wackiness and playfulness, but at times profoundly pensive spirits. i have a text buddy :)! i am thinking of fixing my old crappy car so i don't have to worry about the problems of my other beat-up car that i'm now using. i would like to pretend that someone gave me an i-trip for my ipod but i actually had her buy me one (oh well, it still feels like a gift, hehe!). i have fun picking up my cousin from work and drive all the way home teasing her about whoever her new-found 'crush' is. i talk to my other cousin who we're both dealing with another cousin who needs to sort out her plans. i drive my car at freezing dawn and see a part that i need to install on my ex-but-of-course-still-a-dear-friend's car. and i despite my being sick continue to stay outside in the tropical gazebo (bahay-kubo) in our backyard on the computer writing a blog.

hmmm... btw, did i mention about the freezing cold weather here?


At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

andito pa ako at paminsan minsan nababasa ang kabadingan na ito. i was texting but wala na ata ang number mo..


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