Friday, January 12, 2007

Yes. yes. Salamat naman at nakaligtas na si bespren Ely sa kanyang ordeal. After second operation, he's back in business na raw. Hopefully this time around, he can find a new set of lyrics other than groping-in-the-dark scenes and why-does-life-seem-so-meaningless type thoughts. Maybe it is these lyrics which I gravitate around pero... kasi... uhhh... TWO THOUSAND SEVEN NA KASI, MGA TSONG!!! It's about time, I think, na the worlds should reconfigure for the better :)

New-found faith, new-found belief systems, new-found strength to carry on, new-found friends (and love ones)... new-found cognitive disposition to intermittent sets of contingencies that display chaotic albeit now-stable attractors in one's thought processes (in other words, a world inside my head turned right-side up) ---I do believe, even if it is just a mere belief to start with, that life can be better for me and the people around me. This time around, the caimito tree will be bearing gifts of sweet caimitos and branches for kids to climb on, and a shade for old folks like me to spend an afternoon in quiet reflection of the world...

I saw Lolita Carbon of the legendary Filipino folk band Asin late last year in concert. There was one song that I haven't heard her sing, but when she sang it, I sank into a moment where everything started colliding and falling into their places... like the words and the world and I communed in that single place and time... it was then that I knew life was beckoning me to take our walk together, one more time...

And who was I to refuse such an offer?... :)


Lolita Carbon

Kung di rin lang pakikinggan
Ang samo ng katauhan,
Hanggang saan ka tatanaw
Kung isip ay alinlangan

Bukang-bibig kong tinanggap
Ang salot na pumipiglas
Hindi na rin matatago
Anino ng bawat likha,

At kung handog ay pagsinta
Humayo ka huwag mangamba
Sa pagdaloy nitong mundo

Mapaparang na ang lumbay
Sa bawat sulok ng buhay
Kahit landas ay magsanga
Hindi ka na maliligaw,

At kung hangad ay kalinga
Ang bisig ay nakalaan
Sa pagdaloy nitong mundo
Hawak kamay,

At kung handog ay pagsinta
Humayo ka huwag mangamba
Sa pagdaloy nitong mundo

Hmmmm... Hawak-kamay.


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