Sunday, December 10, 2006

I took this off the blog because some of my friends think it's kind of freaky and they start getting really worried. I reread the note and somehow, even I got a little worried of myself. But then I woke up and thought, "No! That's not even what I'm saying!" I can't help but laugh at the strangeness of people's reception to this note. Now, I really have to put up a disclaimer:

No! This is NOT a suicide note.

It's funny. The word that came to my mind while I was scribbling the note down was HOPE. Little did I realize my folks thought quite the opposite. Now I'm wondering if hope and despair then are really two sides of the same coin. But anyway, to people who know me really well, I'm pretty sure they would just smile at what I have foolishly written below... here it goes.

there would be a day when i would not be blogging. but the reason would be for the better. i would not be bloggin because there are some things that are not made for story-telling-consumption. rather, they would be a continuous series of moments where one is so tied up to the life that there is no time for stopping. life, like a boat cast to sea, would be sailing off to lord knows where it's going. but my friends, believe me, you are part of me. my friends, be happy. because by then, i am too...


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