Thursday, October 15, 2009

A comment of a friend to a friend going through the loss of a loved one

...In my life, it has continually comforted me knowing that I am who I am because of all the interactions I've had with many people, especially the ones who I let myself be affected by. In a sense, I am made up of all the people that surround(ed) me. I know my loved ones are alive because I am alive and that my nephews will know them too because I will manifest their being through me, in stories, and that part of me that they have managed to infect. That is how I have known my father (who died when I was two)--- through my kin's stories and their lives. And the same goes with my grandmother (who taught me how to cook her signature adobo)--- my nephews will get to know her as I share with them the part in me that is her.

Your sister is alive in you, if that means anything...

(taken from, December 22, 2008)


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