Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dajac, didiketed para sa yo 'to. Madapa ka sana!!! Haha!!! ...Tanginenets! Miss kita man. Huwag ka lang magkakamaling tawagin akong bading!!! Alam ko matagal mo na akong niyayaya, pero, di kita type eh! Haha! Ugok! Musta mo na lang ako sa mga lalakwe mo. (Ay! Charing!!!)

O sya. Paaandarin ko na eksena. Tawagan na lang ulit.



I love the way your face shines.
I love the way you smile.
I love the way you make fun of things.
I love your look when your thoughts fly away.
I love every inch of you.
I love being with you.
Though you rattle my mind
More often than others.
I love it when you talk
About life, about your thoughts
About your love.
Somehow, I care deeply for you,
I like to see you happy
I would like to see you grow.
I like to see you run away
Past all the hurts and pain
Into open fields
Where the grass continually grows.
My heart cries out for your heart.
I like to fill you with kisses
I like to share the innermost part
Of my self to you.
I like to have that one moment
Where everything stand in their own place
Where the moon is ripe
And the stars are reflected in your eyes.
And the whole world swirls around us
You and me
Caught past all the burden of life
And into blissful existence
Into tomorrow
Into endless space and time
...I do love you, you know,
And I want to grow together with you
In fact, I want to be with you forever...
Yet I do not know how.
With my own insecurities,
My own fears,
My own pain.
But I will try.
To take you to endless spring.
With my life, my heart, my time.
With all my love...
And my unfamiliar lines.


At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you too


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