Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am not a perfect person. I know. Nobody expects this out of anybody, right? Yet, do we really mean what we say? Don't we still blame others for their own mistakes? Don't we go around saying it's okay, life is just that, that we live, we enjoy the company of friends, we try to enjoy life as we really should. Yet once things don't go our way, we succumb to the blame-game, that things went this way or that way because s/he did this or that, because s/he didn't listen to me, because s/he is a [put your favorite cuss word], etc. Or, better yet, the person that we blame is our own selves...

The only problem sometimes is that as much as we understand that the world is not perfect, it is so hard for our hearts to fully accept imperfection. And we sometimes see our world in static, we get stuck to noticing what others do and that they will never change. And we forget our role to being there for them as they unfold.

I believe we can achieve a beautiful world if we understand our part in making it so. And in the process, we find our own meaning.


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