Thursday, February 01, 2007

chill? Chill? CHILL?! What the...

...well, ok. I guess.

But in some ways, I do chill. Then again it is probably a matter of degree. I rather focus on the next line though... Just let things be.

Good comeback. Got yourself some points there, whoever you are.


However, with your advice taken in, indulge me in my love in contemplative behavior... One thing that I did realized from your comment is the fact that in our life, one thing that is so irreplacable is the friendship that is built between two people. Kasi, I was wondering for a second there. If a stranger gives an advice to someone (no matter how genuine it is), it can be easily construed as a challenge, or a threat. The Lorenz aggression factor kicks in, ika nga. But when a friend gives such an advice, it is taken in the context of constructive intentions. So what is present in a friendship is absent in not having one. The fact that one can trust a friend to take care of one's best interest makes friendship a relationship very inescapable (and so adoringly necessary for that matter) because in the end, we all need to be talked to when we're going astray. To pick us up when we fall, to soar with us when we feel like flying... to just be, in the endless repetition of this age-old, lesson-truth.

...which brings me to my last comment:

I sure do miss my friends.


At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chill means relax. Relax and let things be, that's what I meant.


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