Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ms. H called me last night and told me something so unnatural for her to do ---she snapped at three people today!!! Yes, knowing Ms. H, this action represents an outlier of some sort to her normal behavior. She aways smiles, she never shows any irritation, and she actively looks for group laughter. She is calm, she is mellow, she does not speak loud.

So what made Ms. H snap? Apparently, by the way she's telling me, she is awfully disturbed by her "snapping." I offered assistance, in the big-brother sort of way, to put on my psychology-kuno hat, and try to understand her context.

And I think I know the answer. At least the more immediate factor with her. Obviously she is disturbed by something; no one snaps for no reason, especially her. Whatever this something is is making her feel unhappy or, to put it another way, in a mode of internal crisis... to be contined.

PS. What makes a person enter a crisis mode anyway? Or, more specifically, what takes a person away from being happy? ...(assuming that she was happy before).


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