Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had a dream some time last week. The setting was located in the site of my high school.

I was in front of the dormitory and a volleyball tournament was happening. There were four players with a mannequin on each side (huh?). I was enjoying watching the competition and I wondered if there was room to come and join in the fun. So I asked Ria if they needed another player. She said sure so I was happy coming in and seeing myself wallop and play in the game.

Right then, I got distracted like everybody else to what was coming from the Oval Field. I overheard someone speaking through a megaphone about a struggle of some sort, something you see in a rally. I cannot quite understand what she (the Teacher) was talking about but I knew it was a legitimate fight. I then went up to the Humanities building and found Mrs. Salac (my Math adviser). I asked her what her opinion is of “the Teacher” speaking over the megaphone. She told me to walk with her and we went to a headquarters room where, I’m assuming, was the headquarters of the group behind the rally because I can see other teachers were sipping their coffee while being busy running around while the megaphone was being heard. She then said she agreed with the Teacher and like many other government teachers they need to fight back at the system that is choking them.

After that I went back to the dormitory and walked up the stairways to my room. I happen to be residing in the third floor at the end of the hallway and I see folks were prepping up to go the class. I looked at my cellphone and it only had one bar. I figured I would be out of luck looking for my friends when my battery runs out. So I went to the landing and I see Getty looking for a smoke. I looked into my pocket ---I had two so I shared one. After he lit the cigarette I asked him where Digbay was because I wanted to tell him I’m back and it was my first day. He said he is still in a class that afternoon. I felt the urge to go see him so we can cut class and go the nearby mall in North Edsa.

Then I woke up. Damn. There was a knock on the door. It was time to help a fiend (I mean friend, hehe) move.


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Graziella said...

haha, funny na kasama pa si Ms. Salac sa dream mo. I wonder how she's doing. She was my freshman adviser sa Emerald. Anyways, its funny coz I've had so many dreams in the past na ang location eh Pisay campus....one time open house ata sa dorm....minsan kasali si Sir Alix....I guess because Pisay will forever be there in our subconscious ( for me, in my heart too hehe)........yung part na may rally ng teachers, kasi nga you've always had that in you to involve yourself and fight para sa kapakanan ng mga manggagawa, ng masa....

At 1:01 PM, Blogger kauban said...

Hehehe. Oo nga. Ma'am Salac was my freshman adviser too (Garnet nga lang). I saw her the last time I went to the campus about 2 years ago. I was surprised to see her with jet black hair so I told her she looked the same as back then. Then she laughed and whispered, "That's the magic of bigen." Haha.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger Graziella said...

hahaha, binola mo pa siya! Napaiyak pa namin siya nun grabe. I can't remember why but that was the first time that I saw a teacher cry in front of a class. Anyway, sana makita ko siya sa 20th namin.....ganun na ba talaga katagal yun?

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous melagladdie said...

so, sir kauban, how was the bayanihan moments with your friend? till next dreams of yours. parang nangyari na ano? God bless!

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Digs said...

Jand, bro, ayos yung panaginip mo ah, hehe! Pero di naman tayo nagka-cut ng class nung high school, noong college na natin ginagawa yun, hehehe!

Pero ako nga rin kadalasan ay may part ng mga panaginip ko na somewhere sa Pisay yung setting, maski hanggang ngayon. Parang masyadong malaki yata yung naging epekto sa psyche natin yung mga experiences natin sa Pisay, kaya't doon pa rin parating bumabalik yung mga subconscious thoughts natin, hehe.


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