Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An old poem that reveals itself to me over and over again. To all you S&M folks out there ---shhhhhh!!!! listen! this one's for you.


Why do we hurt the people we care about
Why do we find pleasure in pain;
In the heavens the sun chases the moon

Here on earth we find death in life
Joy after sorrow
Sky after rain;

Is it true that god creates in pairs
That the world knows none of one
Without the knowledge of the other;

And maybe, just maybe
We ask for good
By bargaining with the devil
For freedom by the sword;

And we induce the birth of the child
By accepting the labor pains
We quench our thirst for love
By turning our backs on them;

And we cut ourselves first
Sometimes deeply
In order to receive some grace
…And some morphin
The classic case of conditioning.


At 3:32 AM, Blogger Pitsaleh said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the poem, particularly the second line of the first stanza: "Why do we find pleasure in pain;".


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