Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh how my heart flutters---
If I die, it might be better
...So I won't be a nuisance to her.

Charlie Brown

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 12, 2008.

I was sitting by the bench just now. I just took a nice shower and am in the middle of doing laundry and cleaning just a bit. I made some coffee to drink while I take a breath after what has been a pretty rough day.

I was surprised to see a kid riding his bike, yelling and laughing at whoever is across the street. It must be some other kid who is a friend. Another one passed by on his bike. All three had similar faces of excitement and adventure. I thought to myself, they're having fun after having been in school all year and just now feeling the fresh opportunities of vacation season.

A quiet breeze continually passes by and plays with the trees, as the trees sway smoothly, to the dance of the wind. It is much of a sunny day. I again thought to myself with an inkling of that transcendent feeling---wow, even when I am gone, there will be lives lived just like these kids, just like how I was a kid, and that there will still be trees (I hope) swaying in the wind.

...It was a beautiful connection, the world I just saw. And it continually amazes me, the reason why these kids lives are important...

It reminds us of a world that could simply be full of living. These kids serve as a sign of hope that of what lives could be, as meaningful as theirs. I do believe we can extend that kind of a life even to everybody, even to us adults who are confined to troubles of busy lives and endless "obligations," but only when we are able to change this world and transform it to our liking, towards that direction of what simply can be called a romantic life.

Pardon my idealism. I just had a premonition of a beautiful world.

...And the trees keep on swaying :).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008