Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dito na ko sa pinas. Okey lang pag pinapawisan. Okey lang kung nauuhaw. Okey lang kung naiirita ang aking mga mata dahil sa lubos na usok sa eyre. Okey lang kung maliliit ang binibigay na ulam sa karinderya. Okey lang kung tigidig and takbo ng dyip na sinasakyan ko. Okey lang kung naglalakad sa mainit na araw. At okey rin lang siguro kahit sumakit ang tyan ko dahil di na sya sanay.

Okey lang kasi andito ako sa lupa ng aking kinagisnan. Kung saan ako namulat sa buhay. Kung saan ko nararamdaman na mayroon pa rin palang pagkakataon na makita ko ang pusong ko na buhay...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


That would be me.
I'd like to go to s.c., yung kay aling puring,
kaso wala na raw yun eh.
sayang, ibang panahon na nga pala talaga tayo ngayon.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Would I release myself from the impending pain?
Would I run away from you?
The toxic fumes, the paranoid self
Comes into collusion with the rising thin air

Setbacks and letdowns
Come and go like the rushing wind
And for all that I did and all I anticipated
I think have come true

But wounds heal, the heart recovers
Especially when one sleeps
Especially when one gets sick
A rest hums a song to a rattled self

Did you rattle for being sick?
Or did you pose for wanting to go?
I wish, oh how I wish it was merely
The physical limitations of life.

Yet I will not be persuaded
By innocent lies and familiar faces
I am like a stone to the bone
Because my experience have brought me home... to you

And home can be the place that I live
And the moments I encounter
The glances I take across your face
And the imaginations of tomorrow

And when synchronicities, analogies, anomalies, and ironies conspire,
I of course am bound to such a conclusion---
I understand.

Monday, August 04, 2008

"Try to see the beauty in a flower
Only then will you see the depth of
How much she means to you."

...says Piglet to Tigger when he lost his kite

Where are my keys?