Tuesday, July 14, 2009


PISAY, The Movie
Film Screening
Delancey Street Theater (600 Embarcadero Street, San Francisco, CA)
Saturday, August 8, 2009
3 pm.

Tickets for the screening will be sold for $15 each; net proceeds will be donated to PSHS. To reserve your tickets and for more information, please contact Hannah Delos Santos (hannahdoc2000@yahoo.com) or Jerome Molejona (jmolejona@hotmail.com; cell: 650-296-4283).

...I hate to miss watching this movie, but I'm also awfully dreading remembering that that "once upon a time" existed... once upon a time.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I apologize I've been on a roll with farewell tributes. Since three weeks ago, I have been surrounded by death. I guess much like everyone else with the passing of MJ, Farrah, Billie Mays, and even Robert McNamara (for all it's worth), there have been a number of public figures that have passed away recently. Even in the Philippines, with Susan Fernandez and Wilson Baldonaza, lives have been cut short though by natural means (Susan is 52 and Wilson 55, I think). Then my cousin's father-in-law also passed away which caused us to rush his wife to fly back to PI so she can see her father and bid goodbye. And yet I still vividly remember Francis Magalona's passing as well as the great worker-leader Ka Bel who the whole international labor movement mourned (not just the Filipino people, mind you). I have actually met him in my union days and I remember him with his grandfatherly demeanor (he never stopped telling stories, haha).

Today, with MJ's tribute I found myself humming the following song. I guess it's my way of saying farewell to him and all I have known or have been affected by, in a way of quietly questioning reality and wondering in a subtle way as to why such thing as death comes, but at the same time understanding that, just simply, such is so.

"If It's Magic"
Stevie Wonder

If it's magic...
Then why can't it be everlasting
Like the sun that always shines
Like the poets in this rhyme
Like the galaxies in time

If it's pleasing...
Then why can't it be never leaving
Like the day that never fails
Like on seashores there are shells
Like the time that always tells

It holds the key to every heart
Throughout the universe
It fills you up without a bite
And quenches every thirst

If it's special
Then with it why aren't we as careful
As making sure we dress in style
Posing pictures with a smile
Keeping danger from a child

It holds the key to every heart
Throughout the universe
It fills you up without a bite
And quenches every thirst

If it's magic...
Why can't we make it everlasting
Like the lifetime of the sun
It will leave no heart undone
For there's enough for everyone

Susan Fernandez Magno (August 3, 1956 - July 2, 2009)

My brother has this cassette tape that one of his close friends gave him way back during their high school days. Here in the US, we continue to listen to it. Below is one of the songs on the album which have helped shape my thinking, by an artist adored by many she touched, me being one of them.

Her husband relates how they still managed to dance together and celebrate life even on the eve of her passing...

Friday, July 03, 2009


Silly, I thought we were gonna sail the world on a deep blue ship
I thought we were gonna revel in each other's company
To stare in each other's eyes, To watch the deep blue sky
And lay down together with a kiss and a lullaby...

Silly, I thought you were made to be mine... and I am yours.