Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Melissa Roxas' Press Conference (2 of 4): Statement by Melissa Roxas from Habi Arts on Vimeo.

Struggle for Life

I have always tried to wrestle with the meaning of life and death
How the two forms of existence intertwine
And dance like the river and the air

There are times when I do not see any real difference
Between one who is dead and one who acts like he would have been alive
If not for circumstances in his life that killed him

Nor is there any difference to one who is at her deathbed
Yet is able to convey the love for life at its peak
And provoke those listening to start living though she's gone

And so it is that I admit not understanding any difference
Of these two--- maybe there is really none, but a janus-faced identity
Or dialectical unity in motion...

But in all honesty I do know the difference, and it is as stark as a candle in the night
And seen through the eyes to reveal the depth of one's soul---
It is that of a meaningful existence.

For in truth, I would rather be on my deathbed giving tribute to life
Than be walking the face of this earth as if I was dead

And it is in the same vein that one struggles to defend humanity with her life
Than let the prince or darkness cover her world in fear