Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have said before somewhere in this journal how I would stop blogging once I have found what I'm looking for. Or, more accurately, how I find the happiness I have been looking for which would negate all the "pain" that cause me to write. Well, I think the time has come.

As much as I want to make it a routine to update this blog, quite frankly, I have not had the "umph" to do so. For one thing, I do not have constant access to the internet world. But moreso, I really have not had the motivation to write. And I think this is primarily because what I write mainly (if not completely) comes from dark feelings I feel.

Well, coming home is quite an awakening for me. I feel like the dark cloud that had been hovering over me has been lifted... words like "home," "forgiveness," "happily contented," "alive" are words that have now come out of paper.

So what am I trying to say? Well, I am not sure really, as I always am (hehe). But I would like to see a few people and tell them how I'm back, share a few moments of our lives, smile at each other, and smile at the world... (to be continued)


Sunday, May 16, 2010


In the thickness of the hot humid air
In the daily humdrum of people's lives
We met but simply
And I fell from the sky right at
The moment I laid my eyes on you
With your spirited smile
And your heartful laugh
I adore you---
Quite frankly
I care more for what affects you
Than what they say
Quite frankly
I would rather spend my life with you even in hell
Than in heaven without you in utter despair
Quite frankly
I searched the whole world for you
In vain... until now